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Coach Charina & My Coaching Philosophy

Combining supportive honesty and a good dose of humour - I strongly believe that cultivating a career and life you deserve should be a fun adventure! It's about exploring your Inner Compass, gaining clarity about your needs and wants, cultivating a growth and empowering mindset, creating an Action Plan & experimenting with what works for you and solidifying achievements that make it happen! You develop your own toolbox of skills and wisdom!

In me, you’ll get a pragmatic, action-oriented, results-driven, positive outcome, fun-loving type of Coach who is the ultimate enabler of helping people achieve their goals and dreams!

Why Work with Me?

A little bit of my history on becoming Coach Charina...

My whole career has been helping people grow and achieve their goals. I've proudly done that around the world having lived and worked across 6 continents (Antartica hasn't happened yet but I'm definitely open to it!)  Not only have I helped hundreds of people through change and transition – I have personally been through it more times than I can count. Proud LGBTQ+ BIPOC

I'm one of Canada's Top Career Coaches, a Recruiter and Executive Headhunter (where I relocated people from around the world) and a Business and Growth Consultant for Entrepreneurs and Companies. I've worked with students all the way to C-level executives across a range of industries from Tech, Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, Creative Arts to name a few. I also had an Adventure Social Enterprise in Tanzania - integrating travel with positive social impact. I've had the blessing of working with some awesome people & organizations.

If you're curious about credentials - I did my ICF coaching education with Erickson International, Career Advising from Education Management Corp, Post-grad in Business Management & a Double Honours Degree in Social Sciences (not so useful here ;)  

On a soulful level - being part of people's growth & helping them flourish is what makes my heart sing.  On a pragmatic level - The strategies, tools, frameworks and processes that I use has helped my clients grow, evolve and create the life and career they want! 

I know and understand what it takes to THRIVE and my goal is to help people FLOURISH!! 

My Coaching Framework

What do we work on?


What is the Life and Career you are truly wanting to build? Helping you gain clarity on what a fulfilling personal and professional life looks, feels like to you. It's holistic and transformational!


Do you have a personal philosophy that serves you? If not, what needs to shift in order to make that possible. We help you develop a positive and growth mindset to tackle any challenges that come your way. It's about constant growth and evolving towards your most empowered best self!


What are the many steps that will take you closer to your Vision? We develop the habits, systems and foundation of action by learning your drivers, motivators to help you keep pursuing your goals!


It's about creating a life & career that is meaningful to you. Based on what's important to YOU! Your values, your vision and how you define fulfilment.

Imagine how wonderful and inspiring life can be!

Praise & Testimonials

Charina has an exceptional capacity to listen, distil, provide framework for thought and ask thoughtful questions that help clients comes up with their own solutions in a very efficient manner. This capacity makes her an exceptional coach. She was a critical influence to me landing my current job! Pivotal life changing colleague!!

Loretta M, Director of Talent

Last year, I was lucky to have had Charina Cruz as my career coach. Not only is she an incredible coach but also a kind and positive person. Charina really cares, this is evident from the first time you meet her. Charina supports you in making your dream career a reality. When I thought doors were closed to me she opened them. I would not be where I am today without her guidance and career coaching expertise. I learned so much, both personally and professionally and I will take it with me forever.

Deidre D, Associate User Designer

Some people are just phenomenal in what they do. Charina is one of those individuals. Her passion and determination is contagious, Charina took the time to really to help with my job applications and CV. The way she broke everything up and allowed myself to come to the final conclusions, I gained useful knowledge from learning along side her. Charina is a pro at what she does and empowers whoever she is working with. So many skills I have learnt and will use for my career and life.

Andrew Cross, Marketing Professional

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