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© 2019 by Charina Cruz 

What’s up with #CareerUnicorn? Why use it to describe being successful in your career? Well, there’s a few reasons for this inspiration:


1. The modern meaning of “Unicorn” (aside from being a mythical one-horned animal) is “something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain.” Just like unicorn companies, start-ups that are valued at over $1 billion - although a rarity, it is not impossible to reach those levels! It takes work but yes, it’s attainable. To me, the concept of being a Unicorn is someone that cultivates who they are and their own unique specialness that it makes them magical. We get to define what being a unicorn is like to us. Our ability to consciously design our life and career based on who we are, what’s important to us, what we want to achieve and how we define fulfilment - that’s what makes us a Unicorn! I think it’s a wonderful way to describe what we’re all aiming to be but within our own definition and vision.

2. Many of my clients often complain that so many job descriptions have such ridiculous expectations that it feels like companies are looking for a unicorn. Well, why not become one then?! The idea is that everything is attainable! With enough planning, strategy and clarity on what skills and experience will be valuable to you, then you can become a #CareerUnicorn. It may be difficult but it is definitely doable. In the grand span of your whole career, why not work towards becoming super employable and hireable by every single organization that you are interested in?

3. On a personal note, the unicorn obsession came about when I was trying to describe my now fiancée to my best friends. I was listing all the amazing qualities that she possesses. As I tried to communicate (with difficulty) how wonderful and impressive she truly was, I stuttered out the words - Oh, you know, she’s like, uh, a UNICORN! And for good or bad, it stuck. Here we are a few years later and the concept of a career unicorn is now a big part of my coaching philosophy! I am both thankful for the inspiration and mortified about how many unicorn paraphernalia we have at home. Either way, to me, it’s an appropriate descriptor with what I’m trying to help my clients achieve!  



Actionable Activity: What is your version of being a Career Unicorn? How do you define it? What elements will make you one? 

What is a Career Unicorn?