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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

© 2019 by Charina Cruz 

Growth Seeker. Experience Hunter. Action Doer.


I did the Corporate thing.  I was a Senior Consultant.  I was even an award-winning Career Advisor.  I was relatively successful by society's standards - have amazing friends, close to my family, complete with condo and convertible.  But I knew there had to be more to life than this. 


What started as a mere personal need for change and adventure, ended up being a global journey across 5 continents looking for Purpose and Love (spoiler alert – I am proud to say I have both!)  It took me 7 years - a multitude of wisdom-evoking experiences, amazing growth, along with a few crushing mishaps along the way... 


I've had jobs I loved, ones I hated, others that I took to be pragmatic and many that were great learning experiences. The consistent thing was that I always helped people and organizations grow and achieve the results they wanted. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to impact people and organizations in ways that are both enriching and fulfilling. 


Lessons & Experiences that have shaped me:  

  • My family experienced the Gulf War in 90s

  • I have an Adventure Social Enterprise in Africa - where I've integrated community development and positive social impact with bucket list experience through ANDA's "Adventures with Purpose”

  • I’ve lived in 5 continents and have travelled to 50+ countries seeking adventure and learning everywhere I can.

  • Read more career tips, life lessons & resources at the Blog

My 7 Pillars of Harmonious Success


My goal is to have a positive impact in everything that I do. From my vocation to my volunteering, it's important to leave something better than it was. I'm driven to inspire and help in any way I can. 


Helping People & Teams be more Magical is a blessing I enjoy tremendously. I've worked with clients from CCTV News, Microsoft, Cisco, Volleyball Canada, the Arts Institutes, McDonald's and in a variety of different industries from Education, Healthcare, Technology and International Development. 


We are influenced and defined by the relationships we have, the friendships we make and the community we create. Prioritizing FUN with loved ones is a big part of who I am. I always make time for my partner, family and those in need.


Living my values of growth and impact along with being a social entrepreneur and making a difference is important to me.


A life well lived in one that we cultivate what lights our spirit. For me travelling around the world, learning cultures & lessons along the way, trying different foods and exploring makes me super happy. 


Being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy to be able to enjoy life's various pleasures such as diving, snowboarding, meditating are important to me.

Peak Progress

At the end of it all, improving every day in any small way is wonderful. Constantly growing and pushing myself to be better is one of my central beliefs. 


My coaching and personal philosophy is that we have the ability to always grow and expand - our career, health, wealth, relationships and perspective...


Join me in my quest to help people discover a fulfilling and Harmoniously Successful life!