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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

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Personal & Professional Success

A Bit About Me

My whole career has been helping people grow and achieve their goals.  I've lived and worked across 5 continents.  Not only have I helped hundreds of people through change and transition – I have personally been through it more times than I can count.


I've been an Education Adviser; an award-winning Career Advisor; a Recruiter and Executive Headhunter (where I relocated people from around the world) and a Business and Growth Consultant for Entrepreneurs and Companies.


It's all about outcomes and solutions to areas you need help to move forward.


What do you want (Vision) + How do you get it done (Action) = Results


Mindset + Habits = Growth


I'm fortunate to work with amazing and powerful co-achievers -  Success & Performance Coach Chrissy 


The Goods:

  • Member, International Coach Federation

  • Professional Coach – The Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson International

  • Post Grad – Business Management

  • Double Honors Bachelors - International Comparative Studies & Political Science



Coaching Philosophy


The first step to anything is you have to know what you want.  It's so simple and yet so difficult. Most people haven't figured out what they are looking for - in their career, personal life, relationships, physical health, and all the other areas that are important to us. It's really knowing what's important to YOU:  your priorities; your non-negotiables; your deal breakers; your needs and your VALUES that make you who you are.  What makes it more powerful is aligning it with your Inner Compass (otherwise known as our internal voice, gut, intuition). This is the guiding force that allows you to take ACTION with Clarity and Confidence. It makes small incremental steps POWERFUL because in the long run, its what helps propel growth into the Best version of you!

I believe in the concept of "Harmonious Success" where our 7 Core Pillars are in-line with our Inner Compass. It's the evolution of wanting a life greatly lived. It's the result of wanting to make a difference, of having meaning, of leaving behind a legacy we would be proud of. It's about striving to be happy with our lives and the choices we make.   It's about progress and waking up each day better than we were the day before. It's about being an inspirational friend/leader/lover/human.  


It is about GROWING into what we want, why we want it, how we're going to get it and what we're willing to do to reach our Goals.


7 Pillars of Harmonious  Success   




Are you the person you want to be?  Do you know what you want in life? What are your priorities?  Are you happy?


Are you where you want to be in your career and work life? Do you feel fulfilled, useful and appreciated? 


Are you making an impact?  What is your legacy?


What are your interests?  Are you cultivating them?


Do you have FUN?  Are you physically strong and have the ability to play in the ways you want to?  Are you actively enjoying life?


Are you surrounded with supportive, inspiring people?  Are you fulfilled in your relationships – co-workers, friends, family, soulmate-lover?

Peak Progress

Are you living up to your potential & power?  Are you constantly GROWING?

"Charina is a compassionate, solutions-focused, inviting, and professional coach.  Her client-centric coaching approach is both effective and enlightening as she has helped me overcome my past limiting beliefs, my inner demons, and helped me remove my blinders so that I can realize I have the resources, the creativity, the vision, and the strength to change my life to one that I want to live."

Edmond Cheng

Vancouver, Canada

"Despite considering myself a goal-oriented and ambitious person, working with Charina unveiled a whole new level of what I could be and achieve.  What I thought was the sky was only the first floor!  Both in my personal and professional life.  She is a total game changer."


Daniel Kijo 

Anchor, CCTV News