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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

© 2019 by Charina Cruz 

Giving Back​

"World domination through goodness " has been a personal motto for years now. I believe that giving back to the world is a way that we can spread kindness and have a positive social impact. 


Over the years, I've volunteered for numerous causes.  One of the experiences that really shaped my personal development was in Tanzania with an organization called TAFCOM.  When my mom read my first GoFundMe page, she thought I was never leaving Africa and was "on my road to becoming Mother Theresa".  While that certainly was not the case, it was the first time that I experienced and saw how giving just a little bit can literally make such a profound difference in people's lives.


I helped to create TAFCOM's Microloan Project which enables (wo)men to start a small business.  They are taught foundational business skills helping them gain independence and break the cycle of poverty.  It's the whole adage of "don't give them fish, teach them how to fish".  It combines my passion for social entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for women, especially in a part of the world where women have historically been marginalized.  Check out the infographic I created to explain how $100 can transform a family's life.



TAFCOM Microloan

Another organization that I support is Friends Together - a registered charity in Florida, founded by my friend Cathy. They have a multitude of projects designed to bring awareness, education and provide assistance and opportunities to people around the world.  What I love and appreciate is their grassroots approach, the get down-and-dirty to the root of the problems to create lasting connections and solutions.



What you can do:

Gestures don't have to be large - it can be volunteering your time & skills, a few dollars (or go larger and get a tax break), paying it forward, doing a charity run, or even just smiling to a person can have positive ripples of joy and appreciation. 


Find a cause you are PASSIONATE about and be inspired knowing that you can play a part in making something better!


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