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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

© 2019 by Charina Cruz 


In today's competitive landscape, what sets businesses apart is how much they truly invest in their people.  That means spending the time, energy and resources to cultivate great workplaces, supportive & healthy environments, and strong leaders. 


An amazing Business needs GREAT LEADERS and AWESOME TEAMS.


FACT:  Every leader benefits from Coaching - even President Obama had one, according to the Harvard Business Review. 


Forget about "Team Management".  It's now about "Team FLOURISHING" - not only capitalizing on people's strengths but also inspiring and eliciting the BEST out of your team.  Together,  we create a workplace where Magical Unicorns want to work in.

Vision + Mission + Goals =  RESULTS (Higher Productivity & Profits)


Stellar workplaces

  • No recruitment and retention issues

  • High employee engagement = Amazing work environment

  • Valued team members = Motivated employees

  • Coachable staff = Growth is constant.




1/2 Day session 


Why? There's an area in the 7Ps that you want to improve on.​


Result - Unified goals are powerful and effective.​



12 weeks to Greatness

Why? Because your company is ready to reach higher heights.

Result - Higher engagement = higher productivity​



Dedicated time for managers to become SUPERSTARS!

Why? Leaders either inspire or make talent quit.

Result - Productive and Inspired Workplace = Legendary


It's difficult being an Entrepreneur. You are overwhelmed, constantly.  There is always a billion things to do and a bunch of big and little stuff perpetually pending. What makes it harder is that you usually go at it alone. Most people don't understand what it's like.  Bless the people in our life but unless they have their own business, they don't really know what we go through - the highs, lows, insecurities, victories, and everything else in between.  Even if things are going well, you still experience the nagging "Imposter Syndrome".  It sucks big time, even if it's not true. 


You can have the most effective list and action plan but you need to rehash it out with a powerful thought partner. This is to ensure that you are effectively prioritizing, that you're employing the Pareto (80/20) rule and that you're focusing on the areas that yield the optimum results.


And this where I come in!  Not only do I have a business background, but I've also run my own company (usually from different parts of the world).  I understand what it's like to have things perpetually running through your head; that you're doing everything needed; and when you should, with the proper amounts of focus and energy. 


I can also help clarify your strategic vision, business plan, growth, hiring (and letting go), employee engagement.  But the true power of a coaching relationship is having a trusted accountability partner.  You know your business best, but as your Coach, I help make sure that you aren't missing any blind spots and that you're taking your business to where you want it to go. 


Let's talk about how to get the RESULTS you're looking for.

"Charina has really helped me not only with my vision as a business owner but also my execution as a leader. She brought together my staff as a cohesive team and as individuals to clarify what their professional goals were. It's made my company better and stronger as a result. As a Coach, she's played a huge part to my personal and business success."

~ Anael Macha, CEO - City Engineering

"Charina worked with us with our Team's Vision and Identity. Her workshops helped unify our team and we were able to work at a higher level as a team. Our motto is "To be Olympians". She created space that enabled us to figure out what was truly important to us and how we want to be known as, clarifying what our vision is and how we're going to get there. #ladymaples"


~Canadian Women's National Volleyball Team