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What is Coaching?


Coaching is a "collaborative partnership designed to enable people to explore and reach their highest self".  This means that as your coach, we work together on your process of self-discovery, awareness, and action so that you can create a life with extraordinary results.  By connecting goals to your core values and vision, your journey towards “harmonious success” becomes a powerful adventure.  This exploration is about discovering and igniting your dreams and making it a reality through goal setting, systems creation and taking actions with transformational change at peak performance.  


What Coaching is NOT.


I am not a therapist nor a mental health counsellor.  We will not talk much or psychoanalyze your past.  Rather, the power of Coaching is that it focuses on the PRESENT and the FUTURE.  I'm not here to tell you what to do.  It is about enabling you to find the Magical Unicorn within so that you have the ultimate power of your own life and destiny.  I'm here to support and facilitate the process of growth.  If you'd like me to be a consultant instead, i.e. to help with a business plan or growth strategy (which I can),  that can be done as well... under a different agreement and contract. 


What's the Coach Charina style like?


It's a combination of creating Awareness, spiced with asking lots of Powerful and thought-provoking Questions. Toss in the occasional but ideal kind of tough Love, sprinkled with tons of support and accountability.  I'm a Solution-focused, outcome-oriented, results-obsessed type of coach!  Be prepared to be Challenged.  It might not always be pretty ... but true Growth and Transformational Results come with Acknowledging that some things need to Change. You will discover parts of you that you will truly appreciate and other parts that you'll not be so excited with.  The point is to push past fears and limiting views and elicits the best version of you.  


I passionately enjoy helping people find Clarity, Vision and Steps to becoming a magical unicorn  And as much fun as that is, it's a lot like travelling to a foreign country on vacation - you're totally excited but kinda have a few worries about what it's really going to be like.  Have no fear, I'm your Co-Explorer!  I'm truly great at reading maps and making sure we're always doing what you want! 


How does it work?


Through the wonders of technology, we "meet" online between 2-4 times per month with email support and accountability in between.  You have the option of choosing either Skype, Zoom, WebEx, Messenger or even Facetime.  If we happen to be located at the same place at the same time, I'm always open to meeting over an espresso and molten lava cake. 


Length of Sessions? 


Individual 1 on 1 coaching sessions are between 40-60 minutes. 

Group sessions are 90 minutes in length. 


Length of Commitment


To reach a breakthrough, we are. looking at minimally 1 month (or at least 4 sessions).  Highly recommended though, is at least a 3-month commitment to experience benefits;  6 months to see transformational changes and 1 year if you really want to get a handle on every single aspect of your life.  The idea is to be able to provide you with the mindset and tools to transform your life.  And like fine wine, the more time you give it - the better it ages and goes down.  However, if you want a quickie fix and solution, then a power hour will give you that (obviously though, only a desperate measure). 


Tell me more about your Complimentary Success Strategy Session


It's an opportunity for us to get to know each other a little bit.  It's like a mini first date to make sure that the chemistry and synergy for change are there.  It will also give you a taste of what coaching is like and what a great investment it is.  If you won't invest in yourself, who will?




This is an INVESTMENT.  This is about you taking ownership and accountability of your life, career and everything in between.  One of the many RESULTS you get is a PERSONAL ACTION PLAN on how to make the most of your present and how to create the future you deserve. The commitment is based on the number of sessions in your package.


Imagine how different your life would be -  the types of opportunities and people you attract, the joy and happiness you experience, the stress and anxiety that go away when you know what your priorities are, what you should be focusing on.  Think of how glorious life is when you live the life you're meant to live! 

What's the Guidebook all about?

It's for people that want to be more DIY with their career exploration. It's a super affordable way to get the benefits of Career Coaching without the price tag of private sessions. I wanted to be able to offer my services and value in a cost-effective way that is accessible to everyone! You can read more about it and purchase it here.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


You will have value in every single session. Period. Full stop. That's right, guaranteed! 


Am I actually going to become a Magical Unicorn?


Absolutely!  Becoming a magical, confident, happier you...if you put in the work, the answer is YES.  Minus the flying of course.