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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

© 2019 by Charina Cruz 

PErsonal Growth & Transformation

Most people aren't able to define for themselves what Happiness and Success are. There are too many conflicting and confusing messages from society, culture, religion, parents, nosy neighbours, TV, social media --- all telling us what we should believe in, how we should act and who and what we should be.


One thing is certain - We all want to become the Best version of ourselves. Ask yourself:  What does that look like for me?  What's possible when I am happy? What is stopping me from achieving that? Imagine what's possible when you are living a life in line with the most powerful side of you!  All of it is yours for the taking! You just need to be willing to invest in yourself!


You must have the COURAGE to go after the life you want, the CONFIDENCE to push past limiting self-talk and the DETERMINATION to do something about it. 


In my 7 Core Pillars of Harmonious Success, you’ll discover:


  • Purpose - Vision & How to create the life you want

  • Personal - Values & how to raise your Happiness

  • Professional - Making the most of your Career and finding your Ideal Job.

  • Passion - Finding what makes your spirit soar

  • Play - How to enjoy a life filled with happiness & fun

  • People - Surround yourself with supportive & enriching relationships - in life, love, laughter

  • Peak Progress - How to live your Potential and have an intentional life filled with Harmonious Success. 


You will learn: 


  • How to overcome fear

  • Success Strategies and how to keep Motivated 

  • Personal Action Plan - Cause it's all about YOU!

  • Develop a Positive & Solution-focused mindset

How does it work?


Together, let us unearth what's truly important to you and unleash the MOTIVATION to go out and actually DO IT. This journey isn't always going to be pretty - but I guarantee you that it will be TRANSFORMATIONAL.  If you're willing to put in the work - you will get RESULTS


You become:


More Confident. Establish clear boundaries. Learn to say No. Figure out when to say Yes. You attract amazing people. You'll sleep better. You'll feel a heck of a lot better about everything - WHY? Cause you're doing something about it!

This one is on me.

Like a first date except better ...

We get to know each other. We talk about your Hopes, Dreams and how to create that life. 

ALL about YOU!​

1-1 attention for your success!​

Investment comes in

4 /8/12/24 Sessions 

Let's strategize together. 

PErsonalized COaching

Success Strategy SESSION

"Charina is awesome! Someone who instantly makes you feel comfortable with her warm smile and hilarious personality. In my chaotic lifestyle as an athlete from moving one place to the next, being away from family, and having so many unknowns. Charina has been someone to calm the storm, she has helped me to find clarity on my path of unknowns and helps sort my values and visions for the future. She has gone out of her way to set up appointments and even has been in the stands for one of my big tournaments! I love having her in my corner cheering me along the way. 


She's the magical unicorn!"

~ Kristen Moncks,

Canadian Woman's National Volleyball Champion

"Charina is the most grounding person I know. I'm not a big fan of life coaches, but she is the only person I would actually ever recommend as one. She's really good at making things suddenly seem simple, easy and obvious if you've been stuck in a rut for a while or calming you down when you're freaking out. She's fun and funny and non-judgemental and always sees the best in people and situations. I can honestly say I've learned to find more joy in everything from Charina, and she wasn't even trying "


~ Mitzi S. 

Teacher, Australia