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10 Ways to Increase your Happiness According to Science

Quick and easy ways to actually increase your level of happiness. Who know it could be so easy?

1. Laugh - According to science laughing not only reduces stress but even fake laughter tricks our brains into reducing endorphins and soothes tension in our body. It releases endorphins that make us automatically feel better.

Actionable Activity - Go ahead and call a funny friend or check out the multitude of hilarious YouTube clips on the fly.

2. Be Grateful - Being thankful for all the big and especially the little things trains our brain to be grateful for the blessings in it. Taking the time to reflect and appreciate things and people in our life raises our levels of happiness.

Actionable Activity - Try keeping a gratitude journal and write 3-5 things every morning or evening what you are thankful for.

3. Get Outdoors - Studies have shown that spending in time has benefits all around including our minds ability to relax by literally going outside to smell the roses.

Actionable Activity - Schedule in some outdoor time 30 minutes a day by walking around your neighbourhood or your local community garden.

4. Love - Spending time with people who make our hearts sing automatically makes us happier. Science also confirms that compassion, empathy and kindness increases happiness levels.

Actionable Activity- Schedule a date night with your lover or call some friends and have a catch up over tea or vino.

5. Meditate and be Mindful - Science has backed the fact that meditation and mindfulness improves our well being in a ton of different ways. Even a few minutes meditation and focusing on your breathing helps a great deal with stress and anxiety.

Actionable Activity - Download a guided meditation app like Headspace to help you build up your abilities.

6. Chillaxing - When we allow ourselves to relax and spend much needed time to destress, our happiness level goes up. Find your favourite way to relax because it makes a big difference. Whether it’s reading, listening to music or watching TV, it’s important to unwind. Better yet, get a massage - which can reduce levels our stress hormone, cortisol by 1/3 and increase the feel good brain chemicals of serotonin and dopamine.

Actionable Activity - Check your local Groupon for a cheapie but goodie massage.

7. Give back - Whether it’s volunteering for a cause that you’re passionate about, a random act of kindness or donating to your favourite charity, studies have shown that this is one of the best ways to cultivate personal happiness.

Actionable Activity - Buy a random person a cup of coffee or have a long standing volunteer gig at your local shelter.

8. Socializing - Hanging out with friends makes you feel amazing. In fact, one of the biggest life hacks to shortcutting happiness is spending time with positive happy people who inspire you to do the same. In fact we’ve already

Actionable Activity- Reach out to a friend you haven’t contacted in a while and have a catch up. In person is much better, but even a video call can leave you invigorated!

9. Exercise - Moving your body, shaking your booty and even dancing all release endorphins “the feel-good” chemicals to our brain. It presents depression and just makes you feel great all around.

Actionable Activity - Try a new kickboxing or Zumba class at your gym. In North America, ClassPass is a fantastic way to explore different studios and options.

10. Focus on Experiences - Science has found that experiences such as traveling and creating memories have a much longer impact on making us happy vs buying material things.

Actionable Activity - Plan a or a weekend getaway so that you have something to look forward to. If you can’t get away, a staycation and do something you normally wouldn’t do. Perhaps a visit to the museum or trying a new restaurant.

There’s so many little things we can do that would make a massive impact on our mood, energy levels and general outlook on life! Explore the endless possibilities. What will you do to be a little bit happier today?