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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

© 2019 by Charina Cruz 

My Birthday Post & Lessons Learned

What a huge year it's been! I've always enjoyed birthdays - not only is it another opportunity to celebrate with friends and family but it's also a great time to: 1. Look back and reflect about the year that has just passed and the lessons I've learned. 2. Be thankful for all the blessings in my life. 3. Make a plan to achieve my goals and wants for the upcoming year.

This is my list, my thank you and happiness I wanted to share. I hope it inspires you too with some ideas on how to cultivate more happiness not just on your birthday but every day.

Most Important Lesson Learned - Cultivating the ability to truly be grateful. I can't stress enough the difference this has made in my life - from my mindset to the way I view situations everyday. The impact it has had in the way I perceive challenges has been instrumental to my growth and emotional intelligence. I've worked hard in my life to develop the perspective that has allowed me to have more joy and fulfillment in everything. I feel wonderfully grown up :)

  • In practice: Continue to fill my gratitude journal every night to keep my focus on the optimistic and beautiful side of life. Not only is it a great way to keep track of the blessings in my life, but it trains your brain to look for beauty and positivity even on hard days.

  • Potential Growth: Thank and appreciate at least one person every single day - email/call/connect with someone who has had a positive influence in my life.

Action that I'm Proudest of - Following my Inner Compass and making the commitment to relocating back to Vancouver from Tanzania. While Africa was amazing for clarifying my wants/needs and providing me clarity with my Purpose and Passion, living there was challenging and confronting in so many ways. Although I'm sad to leave behind the business I helped grow and the community that I created there, I get to usher a wonderful new era back in Canada.

  • In practice: Remind myself that it's never about the destination, but it is about the journey. This cliche is a truth that we often forget - there will always be another goal post and the one thing we can rely on in life is that change is constant. Have an "Action Plan" but accept that it is a living document that will change all the time. Always allow for unforeseen events and unexpected opportunities - they often have a way of providing us an even bigger and better blessing.

  • Potential Growth: Set weekly and monthly check-ins to course correct and make sure that my actions and goals are always in line with my Inner Compass.

What I'm Thankful for:

My Inner Circle/Community. I am appreciative that my family (both chosen and born into) are supportive in my endeavours and various pursuits. Over the years, I've learned to surround myself only with people who inspire me to be a better person every day and help propel me to greatness. I'm thankful that I can look around me and truly say that the people I am lucky enough to call friends are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

  • In practice: Taking a tally of who the important people are in my life and then spending the time to maintain those friendships. Tell people more often about how much I appreciate and value them. Just because we're in different stages in our life or far away, doesn't mean that they are less important to me. It takes energy and effort but I know that it is valuable to also make the commitment to spread the love and joy that I've been lucky enough to receive.

  • Potential Growth: Continue to open up my world to new people and expand my community of friends and network of social support. Actively seek out environments that will naturally expose me to amazing people.

Self Love - I'm happy and proud of the fact that as I get older and older, I've developed a much better relationship with my mind. I am no longer as cruel to myself as my younger ego/inner voice was. In fact, I am more optimistic as the years go by, not because I haven't seen or experienced things, on the contrary, I've learned to see more of the wonders and lessons in everything. Part of this was developing gratitude - not just for situations but also in myself and knowing that I work hard to constantly be a better person.

  • In practice: I have my personal values statement up in my office. It reminds me what is important to me and what I want to achieve in life.

  • Potential Growth: Cultivate more ways to listen to my Inner Compass and my "Coach" inner voice of reason. Nourish and grow this much kinder voice.

Biggest Change - Relationship status. After years of dating numerous frogs and frogettes, I finally have the kind of romantic love that makes me thank my lucky stars/God/Mother Earth/Universal energy and any other forces that may exist.​​ I am so thankful and appreciative to have my very own Magical Unicorn as my co-adventurer :)

  • In practice: As we build a life together, we make sure we communicate openly and talk about creating a future based on our values and shared vision. We regularly discuss our #RelationshipGoals - It's one of the very many reasons why I know that I've met the person of my dreams.

  • Potential Growth: Everything from dedicated date nights to having a relationship journal keeps us on track to having a loving and powerful connection.

What I'm most excited about - My business. I'm happy because I get to make a positive difference by helping people and organizations achieve GROWTH and GOALS. Even though I've been doing this for a while, to be able to commit to it 100% is amazing. I'm blessed that my Passion/Purpose/Professional/Purpose and Personal goals all converge in my business. I get to work with interesting, driven people committed to positive change and it is inspiring and rewarding.

  • In practice: Professional and Personal development are important. Taking steps forward no matter how small is the best way to progress. Seek advise from trusted friends, colleagues and mentors and work with Coaches and Consultants to constantly improve. Yes, I have them too!

  • Potential Growth: Continuously push past the fears, insecurities and self-defeating messages and put myself out there. Be humble and hungry.

Things to expand on this year:

  • Set more intentions! I'm great with Goals but I'm learning that setting intentions helps to make actions more powerful. After all, our desires have a way of becoming true when we have it in the forefront of our attention.

  • Read more - There is nothing more amazing than learning. I've renewed my Scrib'd membership and I've got my next 6 books lined up.

  • Meditate Daily - All it takes is 2 minutes of mindfulness and breathing to have exponential benefits on health and wellbeing. This is officially being added in my morning ritual.

  • Write consistently - Perfect for my blog ;)

  • GROW & EVOLVE - all the time, in any way I can!

And finally a huge THANK YOU to everyone, for your love, support, recommendations, referrals, reviews and critique for my continued happiness and success. I invite everyone to join me in this journey to make ourselves and our world a better place! #worlddomination #harmonioussuccess #happiness #myunicornlife #birthdaywishes #careercoach #lifecoach #personaldevelopment #professionaldevelopment

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