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New Year's Resolutions - My 2018 Challenge

Wow, it’s 2018 already! Happiest of happy New Years! I believe that it will be one of the most powerful years ever – and I’m excited about all the amazing things we’re going to make happen!

I spent the holidays quite wistful and reflective. This was driven by my partner challenging me on what I don’t like about Christmas. I realize that there is so many old and outdated narratives that we have that we bring forward even though that perspective doesn’t serve us or isn’t even true anymore. Things we tell ourselves, excuses we defend, ideas that we hold on because of it’s a crunch now and honestly comfortable. We say things like – You can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but the reality is that we can. It may take longer, but they certainly learn new things all the time. And in the same vain, I took a good look at the things/ideas/philosophies that we need to let go. So many messages/people/wounds/thoughts from our past that hold us back. With mindfulness, I’m staying stock of what perspectives I want to carry forward. It’s important so that you can make space for not just the “new” but what is really truly important in your life.

This season for me was a bit like the Grinch’s heart slowly thawing, which really made me rather happy. More importantly, it inspired me to look ahead and powerfully decide what I’d like to achieve for 2018! I’ve always been a fan of NY Resolutions – I like the poetic-ness of a new year, the starting of a new chapter, a new beginning and a new blank calendar. But apparently Resolutions has a statistical fail rate of 92% (depressing eh?). It’s time to take a look at how to make it better and much more successful!

What are resolutions anyhow? It’s a firm decision to do or not to do something. Awesome in theory, but for it to really be effective you need quite a few things working for you. Instead I’m going to Charina-fy it VISION + ACTION = RESULT! So here are the things that I’m going to do differently this year to make sure that I’m in the 8% of people that succeed.

Your guide to making 2018 Awesome:

Which areas do you want to focus on that are really going to make the most difference in your life? I’m using my “Play” pillar – “Am I physically strong and playing in the ways I want?” I’m using this because it’s the area that I really want to conquer. I’ve learned that my mental strength correlates directly to my physical wellbeing and quite honestly it's a battle I don't want to keep fighting.

Taking action towards your goals ALWAYS makes you feel better. Beyond resolutions, I believe that the key to long lasting success is to focus instead on what types of habits and rituals will help you those goals.

Let’s share and amplify our Results! I’d love everyone to join me in challenging themselves in 1 area to achieve lasting changes and results.

VISION (What do I want) = To be healthy & fit (be able to run 5K without dying) and sex(ier) – wear into the “jeans” that I bought last year before I gained my fun relationship weight.

ACTION - Ask yourself the 5Ws (and H)

What (can I do?): Realistically, I need to change my diet and eating habit. Since coming back from Africa, my diet has gone from eating clean food to uh, not at all. I’m keeping it simple - I’m cutting refined sugars (dessert, baked goods to Sunday), minimizing white stuff (rice, bread, potatoes), upping my protein and will have 70% of my meals healthy (veggies, fibre).

Resources & Needs (What do you need achieve your goal?)

Swimsuit (one piece to do laps)

Pumping soundtrack (keeps me motivated)

MyFitnessPal (awesome app to help track)

Where: Create a supportive environment.

Join a gym, community center.

Get rid of all the junk food in your kitchen and pantry.

Personal Motto: Peak + Play = Sexy unicorn (This is going to be everywhere to remind me how important this goal is for me)

Who: Accountability partners (involve your partner, best friends to help you, get a coach, a personal trainer)

When: Keeping things SMART…I’m doing monthly blocks. Always chunk with trackable timeframes. This list is my January. I’ll do an end of month tally on effectiveness.

How (Habits & Rituals)

Morning: 5 minutes of stretches and mindfulness breathing.

Afternoon activity: 30 min of anything that gets my body moving.

Walk, Dancing around my office, Run, Swim, Kickboxing

Evening: Log food & activity

Schedule ALL this in my calendar

My Whys/Purpose (What is really pushing you to achieve this? What are your reasons and why is it strong enough to help you succeed?) – I’m also at a point where I’m ready to stop having excuses. I’m ready to take on the challenge. I’m ok with setbacks, possibly failing, falling flat on my face and even embarrassing myself. Most importantly, I’m doing this for myself, my partner, my mother who will be ecstatic reading this, my future children etc. I want to inspire my clients, my community, my tribe that we can create and live the life we want. That taking action every day is doable, wonderful, empowering and makes all the difference in the quality of our life.


Drops in measurement (inches off my body, body fat, weight) - I want to lose 2 lbs a month (and gain flexibility, cardio strength and more toned muscles)

Gratitude The best way to begin (and end) anything. Spend the time to thank your body what it’s been able to do for you. Acknowledge the struggles and cultivate the mindset of growth and the fact that constant improvement is attainable. I'm super happy to make any strides forward and I can't wait to see how much better and stronger I'll be day by day! Join me in this journey to a powerful 2018! Comment below or send me an email to get free personalized attention. If you’re willing to take action, I’ll help you achieve it!