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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

© 2019 by Charina Cruz 

Positive Mantras & How I helped the Canadian Women's Volleyball Team come up with "Be Olympians"

I had the amazing opportunity to do some Vision, Identity & Success Coaching with the Canadian Women's Volleyball team. What a super cool opportunity. Imagine me at 5'1 (barely) standing and being dwarfed by these super tall professional female atheletes. It was super intimating not only physicially but psychologically. To be honest, I had my moment of "Imposter Syndrome" where I was trying to figure out how can I possibly elevate and bring impactful value to a group of powerful women who are already on the top of their game. Once I got over that and focused on discovering what would make a difference for them as a team, it all came beautifully together.

Like all coaching sessions, we started with exploring what was truly important to them - their values and their identity. More importantly, how do they want to show up in the world. How do they want to be known and remembered by? We did some fun activities exploring their team dynamics, fears, concerns and what would truly motivate them. We unearthed their team values and realized that a simple mantra and motto would push them to the next level of motivation. Together we came up with the simple and postive mantra of "Be Olympians" - for every practice, match, competition or moment of difficulty/struggle or pain. A wonderful and effective reminder to show up in their highest self.

Coach Charina & the Canadian Women's Volleyball Team

I was reminded that at the end of the day, no matter where we are at in life, how high up the ladder/scoreboard we are, there is always room for progress and improvement. Sometimes it is as simple as reconnecting with our vision of success and what it means to us.

It's being clear about who we are and what we stand for. You don't have to be a professional athlete to have Olympic levels of motivation. And everyone can benefit from having thier own personal & positive mantra. It's a wonderful and easy tool to remind us of what we want to achieve.

Actionable Activity – Come up with your own personal mantra. You can use this as positive self-talk, perhaps saying it out loud when you’re getting ready in the morning or print it out and have it by your desk.

Let me know if mantras have worked for you.

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