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Beautiful Vancouver, Canad​​a

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Because you deserve to achieve

Personal & Professional Success! 

Career & Life Coaching

It's ok to be temporarily lost and want more meaning in your life. It's wonderful to be strong enough to ask for help and guidance.  You’re here because you want to create a fulfilling Life and Career! Perhaps you’re overwhelmed and not exactly sure where to start.  What you do know is that you want Purpose and Passion in your Professional and Personal Life!


We all know how frustrating a job search can be or how scary a career transition feels like, whether you are looking for something new or want to elevate yourself. How do you even start branding and marketing yourself in today’s competitive workplace?   I'm here to provide you the proper guidance, steps and an Action Plan that will get you the GOALS & RESULTS you are looking for.


Yes it’s challenging, yes the journey is fraught with hurdles but with the right perspective and actions - creating your Ideal Career & Life can be a fun adventure! That’s where I come in and help you. I coach people who want to craft a fulfilling career & harmonious balanced and happy life.

Who Am I?

About Coach Charina

I've always been passionate about 2 things: Helping people grow and exploring. It’s no surprise that my purpose and coaching style is based on that. I believe that professional development and personal growth can and should be a fun adventure. Why can't our quest for career change and self improvement be an enjoyable one? I bring my hard-earned wisdom living and working in 5 continents to inspire, educate and help my clients explore and develop the tools and resources they need to succeed! Not only do I understand the challenges of career transitions and life changes, I've personally been through it over and over. My personal and professional mission is - To help people around the world to find the Clarity and Confidence to Create the life and career they want.


I connect with my clients from a variety of different perspectives and help guide them in an engaging way. I teach them that change does not have to be difficult but rather can be an exciting journey where we evolve constantly with positive progress.  Are you ready to create 7 Pillars of Harmonious Success?


If you're curious, more about my story...


How Do I Help you?

Over the last 15 years, working across multiple industries around the world, I've helped people not only find Career Success and fulfilment. What I've learned working with people regardless at what stage in life they are at - executive leader, university student, soon to retire, career changer, brand new or seasoned entrepreneur - is that to be truly happy in our life, we need to pay attention to not just our career but the sum of everything that is important to us. I've developed a holistic framework based on 7 Pillars of Harmonious Success where I work with my clients to develop the Mindset & Confidence & more importantly to Take Action in ALL the impactful areas of our life! 


I lead and guide my clients on a solutions-oriented, positive outcome framework - a process that helps them create and live their best life! 

Personalized attention to help you create the Life, Career & Business you want! My promise to you - every single session will have VALUE!

Together we craft a Personal Action Plan to get you the RESULTS you are looking for. Crush your GOALS and get the support and guidance you need to achieve Harmonious Success. 

The ultimate investment in yourself = an accountability partner motivating and guiding you through every single step of the way.

Practical Guidebook to Career Success

1-1 Private Coaching

Everything you need to know to get the Job you want (& more). Covers all the elements necessary to Do It Yourself!


This Guidebook takes you step-by-step with Strategies, Actionable Advice, Tips and Template on how to create a fulfilling Career. From Resumes, Job Hunting, Personal & Professional Branding, Interviews, Negotiations and so much more. Beyond providing practical advice, it also helps you overcome fear, procrastination and guides you to thrive through every single step of your professional journey at any stage in your Career.

"Despite considering myself a goal-oriented and ambitious person, working with Charina unveiled a whole new level of what I could be and achieve.  What I thought was the sky was only the first floor!  Both in my personal and professional life.  She is a total game changer."


Daniel Kijo 

Anchor, CCTV News

"Charina is a compassionate, solutions-focused, inviting, and professional coach.  Her client-centric coaching approach is both effective and enlightening as she has helped me overcome my past limiting beliefs, my inner demons, and helped me remove my blinders so that I can realize I have the resources, the creativity, the vision, and the strength to change my life to one that I want to live."

Edmond Cheng

Vancouver, Canada