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Hi. I'm Coach Charina.

Your Guide to achieving Harmonious Success!

I work with people who want more for themselves...More happiness/ success/ fulfilment/ balance not only in their professional but also personal life. People who are ready to usher in a more empowered version of themselves - to take their career and life to a whole new level.


Achieve Harmonious Success

Coaching is the ultimate investment in yourself! Imagine what it would be like to have a Personal Action Plan to living your best self. As your Coach, we embark on the fun adventure of self-discovery, awareness, and action so that you can create a life with extraordinary results.  “Harmonious Success” is about creating a life and career that is fulfilling to you, based on what's important to you and your core values. This exploration is about discovering and igniting your dreams and making it a reality through goal setting, systems creation and taking actions with transformational change and empowering growth.


About Me

My passion/purpose/ mission is “To make the world a better place, one career at a time.” My quest has taken me around the world – living, inspiring and coaching in 5 continents. For the past 15 years – everything I’ve done has been to help people & organizations achieve Harmonious Success.  I’m an award-winning Career Specialist, an author, a multi-passionate entrepreneur and even had an adventure social enterprise in Africa.  Like my own life, my coaching philosophy is based on fun exploration, transformational grow and impact.


Past Client Experiences


Daniel Kijo, Feature Story News

"Despite considering myself a goal-oriented and ambitious person, working with Charina unveiled a whole new level of what I could be and achieve.  What I thought was the sky was only the first floor!  Both in my personal and professional life.  She is a total game changer."

Featured Work

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how to recognize impostor syndrome in yourself and others and explore practical ways to combat the anxiety and self-imposed negativity that can hold us back professionally. Learn strategies, actionable activities and various perspectives to overcome impostor syndrome so you can flourish in your career.

Reader’s Digest Article on Envy

A cool article where I shared tips with Canadian Reader's Digest Guide on how to overcome envy and the importance of asking yourself the 5 levels of Why. It's about how to motivate yourself and finding gratitude with what you have.

I talk more about how being born in an Asian Roman Catholic country and growing up in an Arabic Islamic one then being educated in Canada has influenced my coaching, career and the choices I've made.


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