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The Power of Coaching

Your not-so-Secret Sauce to Harmonious Success

Transformational Growth

Don't let your Fears get in the way of your happiness and fulfilment! Learn how to overcome Impostor Syndrome, conquer your gremlins & Create the life and career you deserve!

Personal Action Plan

Learn how to develop and create your own arsenal of tools, resources and power to achieve your goals! You'll have your very own personal pathway to Harmonius Success!

Positive & Empowered Mindset

Imagine what's possible when you believe that you can do anything you set your mind to! Develop your inner confidence and learn how to crush your goals!

Coach Charina Cruz


Career Coaching

Career Clarity 

Not sure what your Ideal Career is? This is the beginning of figuring out exactly what will make your spirit soar. Together we explore your values, passion(s), strengths and interests and how to craft a career that helps you be fulfilled and purposeful.  

Career Content

What does it take to break into a new industry or successful get past the gatekeepers? We work together to strengthen your Resume / LinkedIn / Portfolio / Job Application so that your professional and personal brand shines!

Career Creation 

This is about learning how to tap into the hidden job market, network & develop connections. It's feeling confident in your interviews and learning how to negotiate effectively.  

Anything that helps you in your ability to get the job you want and how to build  Career Currency that is foundational to growth! Great for people that are looking for a new role, change industries or bounce back from a layoff. 


Speaking & Workshops

Connect with me if your organization, group or team is looking for me to present on the following topics! 

Professional Development Workshops (Career Success Series) 

  • Practical Guide to Career Success 

  • Resumes & Cover Letter - Powerful Career Content 

  • LinkedIn & Your Professional brand

  • Job Search Strategy & Your Unique Value proposition & Networking

  • How to Ace and have Killer Interviews

  • Negotiate your Worth

Holistic Well-being:

  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

  • Fortifying your Work Boundaries

  • Recognize and Prevent Burnout 

  • The Importance of Cultivating a Growth & Empowering Mindset  

  • How to Create & Maintain Work/Life Balance

  • Personal Action Plan & Harmonious Success 


Executive & Leadership

You are ready to really shine at this point in your career! Whether it's support to help you elevate your executive presence, strengthening your professional brand or becoming more impactful or wanting to leave an impact you ​are proud of!


Ideal if you:

  • Creating a more Effective Personal System & Structure

  • Need help with Prioritization, Time  & Energy Management

  • Want to become a more Inclusive and Inspiring leader

  • Navigating Change & Transformational Growth

  • Are looking for an Accountability Partner / Advisor / Cheerleader

  • Desire to create more Harmonious Balance & Success holistically!

Fun Fact:  Every leader benefits from Coaching - even President Obama had one, according to the Harvard Business Review. Experience the power of coaching!

Authentic Sales & Conscious Business

I'm so thrilled to have expanded my business to create a new entity with my partner in life & love whose zone of genius happens to be Sales & Business. 

Meet Ioana - "With 16+ years of experience, I have an unwavering passion for people and a deep focus on personal and professional growth. I was in the corporate environment with one of the largest tech companies in the world, where I managed multicultural sales territories, and built and led highly diverse and successful sales teams. 

My focus is on a holistic business coaching and consulting approach, focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners refine their sales processes and reach new performance heights. As a female LGBT immigrant (and now a very grateful Canadian myself), I am a firm believer in the true economic impact and growth that SMBs can bring to the economy. I sincerely believe that, through a true authentic and performance based sales process, businesses can thrive and multiply their positive impact."

Invest in yourself & Book your Session!

Inspiring Change & Action

Let's chat! A no risk, no obligation Free Initial Success Session to see if we're the right match and fit. It's a chance to explore and discover how coaching is one of the most effective and powerful investments you can give yourself! My goal and guarantee is that you get value in every session or your money back! Yup, you read that right.

What kind of support are you looking for?

1-on-1 Session

Bespoke Private Coaching 
60 minutes

Practical Guidebook to
Career Success

Your DIY tool to improve your Career

Step by step guide through your job/career transition

Praise & Testimonials

Charina's presentation on Preventing Burnout and Creating Harmonious Success was both timely and incredibly valuable for our group of brokers.  Her balanced approach to both exploring mindset and following a formula for success with actionable tools truly sets her apart.  Engagement throughout the session was extremely high and allowed people to share authentically and be vulnerable with each other, which contributes overall to a stronger team.  We are grateful for the experience, thanks Charina!

Jennifer W, VP

Being coached by Charina has changed my life in so many more ways than I thought was possible. Throughout career and life phases, Charina has provided me with actionable frameworks which have led me to change my perspectives and habits to benefit myself as well as those I interact with. I cannot recommend Charina enough to anyone looking to take a more holistic approach to their life and career. Since working with Charina I've been able to completely change my approach to goal setting and achievement in a way that puts me closer than ever to living my dream life.

Mackenzie H, Product Manager

I have been working with Charina for approximately 3 years. In this time she has helped me tremendously with progressing in a new career and has been a huge part of my success. Her coaching style really made an impact on what I need to improve and progress. Charina also promotes a work-life balance, where your health and family life are also a big part of how you grow, not just work itself. This was also very important to me and really resonated with me. I would highly recommend Charina to anyone looking to improve and grow in their career, while finding a healthy work/life balance."

Billy Blake, Realtor

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