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Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

How powerful joining a Mastermind Group is.

What is impostor syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is a very common psychological mind pattern where someone doubts their own capabilities and accomplishments. It is characterized by a sum of feelings of inadequacy that makes people feel undeserving, and have a general feeling of unworthiness. Despite common beliefs, studies have shown that men and women suffer from this effect equally, and this impacts people of all walks of life and in all areas of business - from interns to CEO's.

Do I have impostor syndrome?

A lot of people have symptoms of this syndrome, but that does not mean you have it as well. Some common thoughts that show that you may suffer from this phenomenon can be "I do not deserve this award", "I got the job not because of my own skills", "They will find out that I am a fraud", "What if I get a task in this new job that I cannot solve?" 

Oh my goodness, I DO have impostor syndrome! What does this mean?

If you do identify with some or all of these thoughts, just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s a pretty universal feeling that people experience. In fact, it’s a normal part of achieving success. However, there are some things you can do about it and that can help you reach your full potential. Strategies to help you these negative thoughts and develop a more empowering and growth mindset - that’s why I created this Mastermind program!

How does this Mastermind program work?

This program takes place fully virtual, over 4 weeks, in 1h15mins sessions. In addition, you will get what I call “Actionable Activities” which is your homework in between the sessions.  This allows you to really delve deep into the symptoms of your thoughts and work on your mindset to set you up for success! I have distilled and concentrated my experience in working with various people over my entire coach career to see what can work in dealing with this phenomenon: with the structure put in place and with our work together, we are well set up to make sure this pesky syndrome stops getting in your way!

How can this mastermind group help me?

This 4 week program offers tools and techniques to deal with impostor syndrome. The program is held in a small group format of 4-10 people, which allows us to really connect and dig deep into our negative patterns and replace them with positive ones. The great thing about this Mastermind is that it offers you the help and insights of me as your Coach, as well as the comfort of a group of people who are also working through the same thing as you are. You get the professional support, as well as the power of group accountability AND you get to meet some awesome new people that will be your support in this journey!

What is the Mastermind structure?

There are various time slots that you can pick from my product page when you sign up for a group, set to be convenient for your schedule. Once you sign up for one of the groups, your sessions take place at the same time every week, with the same group of people. Gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and we get to work together to overcome impostor syndrome.

While I work with each group to ensure I customize the program to the group's needs, a general structure for our sessions can look like this:

Week 1: Get to know the group, awareness of your own syndrome, setting your own objective for the mastermind

Week 2: Internal techniques for dealing with the syndrome, practice examples

Week 3: External techniques for dealing with the syndrome, Mind-Body-Soul integration of our thoughts

Week 4: Awareness of changing thought patterns, evolution of the impostor syndrome manifestation in your life

There is also work to be done in between the sessions - and with a full month of working on this, together with our weekly group sessions, you are well set up to overcome this! I hope to see you for our next group Mastermind and to be part of your journey in making sure you reach your full potential!

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